Is registration required to participate in your workshops or programs?

Registration is preferred so that we have adequate supplies and seating available.

How do I register?

Visit our program/workshop page for locations, dates, times and any associated fees.

Who are your programs for (target audience, demographics)?

Any and all fathers, father-figures, grandfathers, parents, regardless of income.

Do I have to be the biological father to participate?

No, our programs are for Any and all fathers and/or father figures.

Are there fees associated with any of your workshops or programs?

Some workshops require small donations to cover the cost of workbooks and supplies.

Do you offer child care?

Unless specified, child care is not provided. However, children are invited to attend and participate in some workshops, events, and activities with their parent(s). View our programs or events page for more details.

Is transportation available?

Not generally; however, if you have individual concerns, please contact us.

I work evenings, or 2nd Shift, are workshops/programs available during the day?

Yes. We try to vary dates, locations, and times of our workshops to accommodate as many dads as possible. View our event schedule for more details.

Are there age limits to participate in your workshops or programs?

Our workshops/programs are open to all adults. Minors who wish to participate must provide a signed consent form from a parent or custodian.

Do you offer programs for couples?

Not at this time. We can refer you to other agencies that do offer couples programs.

Do you have programs/workshops for parents of special needs children?

Not at this time. We can refer you to agencies that offer such programs.

Do participants receive certificates of completion, C.E.U hours, etc.?

All workshop participants receive certificates of completion. We do not currently offer C.E.U’s.